Steps To Take Prior To Litigation

When you are facing potential litigation, we recently covered what not to do. However, there are some important steps you can take prior to landing in court. Whether you are facing a legal dispute over labor laws or a class action settlement, taking the right steps up front can save you from a large number of headaches down the road.

Be sure that you begin by hiring the right business litigation law firm in San Diego. You need a lawyer who has experience in the world of business law and who will prioritize your needs. Opt for a well-established law firm with a solid reputation in the local community. If you want further information about how we can help and the unique approach we take to business litigation, we welcome you to reach out to our team today. Check out the following steps we will help you take when you choose to work with our law firm.


Evaluating Your Case In Detail

Before any action can be taken, the first thing that needs to happen is a detailed evaluation of your case. Never work with a law firm that skips this crucial step. No two cases are exactly alike and it is vital that your lawyer spends time looking at your case carefully. During the initial evaluation, your lawyer should be looking for the specific strengths and weaknesses of your position.

You should also use this time to discuss potential strategies and to go over any questions or concerns you might have. Building a solid case requires a strong foundation. Make sure that you are straightforward and honest with your lawyer. This will give them the best chance at determining the ideal strategy for your needs. Once your lawyer has a deep understanding of your situation, they will be able to get work doing their own homework and attempting settlement outside of court.

A One-On-One Approach To Settlement

One of the first attempts that should be made is to settle outside of court. In certain cases, it is possible to reach out to the other party and approach them with a one-on-one settlement. These attempts should be exhaustive, in order to ensure the best possible chance of avoiding litigation.

This is where having a lawyer who is practiced in business litigation is a must. They will understand exactly what settlement offers have the greatest potential reception without costing you. Avoiding litigation is ideal as it will put your company in the best position possible. By tackling a one-on-one settlement approach upfront, you can potentially avoid a slew of legal fees.

Mediation Prior To The Eve Of Trial

Odds are good that as a business owner you have heard of mediation. This process involves two parties working to settle their disputes with the help of a go-between. This go-between might be a lawyer, a retired judge, or someone specifically trained in resolved disputes. Mediation can be an effective way of reaching a resolution outside of the court of law.

The timing of mediation is key. Many times companies wait until the very last minute to attempt this form of resolution. This is unfortunate as your business will have already spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Ideally, mitigation should take place early on in the process, prior to incurring large amounts of legal fees. At our law firm, we have built up an array of strong relationships with mediators in our community. We have a record of success with this unique approach.

Litigation And Heading To Trial

Unfortunately, despite all the best attempts, there are situations where the case winds up in court. This might be due to a lack of desire to compromise from the other party or because mediation did not result in a favorable outcome for your business. Whatever the case, if you are headed to trial, you need to shift your focus to building a strong case.

Talk to your lawyer about what their plan is for aggressively fighting on behalf of your business. At this point, your lawyer should be working hard to put together the right resources for your business. This is where experience goes a long way. A lawyer who has been down this path before will know what kind of tactics and approaches play out the best in the court of law.


Your Local Team

Here at our San Diego business litigation law firm, we have years of experience fighting on behalf of businesses in the area who need our help. Our detailed approach allows us to handle each case individually with a strong focus on our client’s needs and their future goals. We work with our clients to determine what their definition of success is in any given scenario. We spend copious amounts of time getting to know their specific case. We look for the strengths and weaknesses that exist and utilize this information to put together an aggressive plan.

If possible, we will endeavor to settle your case outside of the court of law. This can save your company thousands upon thousands of dollars and can lower the level of stress you experience. While no one wants to endure the complications of a legal battle, our team is equipped to help you find the right steps to take next. Reach out today to set up a consultation and to learn more about what strategy is best for your unique scenario.