Employment Law


Employment law encompasses a wide variety of areas. At Robert L. Shipley, APLC, we provide businesses with a range of employment services, from the drafting of employee manuals to workplace investigations, training of supervisors, consultation over leaves of absence and terminations, auditing wage and hour compliance, as well as drafting/negotiating severance agreements.

It’s essential to ensure that your contractual arrangements with employees comply with employment legislation. In the past, our employment attorney has also handled cases dealing with minimum wage, discrimination, specific checks, etc. For more than three decades, Mr. Shipley has represented businesses throughout California in employment law cases. He has achieved successful results in cases involving wrongful termination, wage and hour, unfair competition, and other labor laws.


With all that said, Mr. Shipley, unlike other employment lawyers, understands that each case is unique and requires a distinct game plan. Keep in mind that should you come to our law firm for litigation, we will begin with an initial case evaluation. This step involves both dissecting the strengths and weaknesses of your position, as well as the expense of pursuing/defending a claim. From there, our employment attorney will initiate one-on-one attempts at settlement. In as many cases as possible, we will try to resolve the dispute at the mediation phase (beginning of the litigation process). Rest assured that our San Diego law firm has strong relationships with a number of mediators and a record of success in this phase of a dispute.

For whatever reason, though, some parties find themselves stuck going to trial. There’s no need to be concerned if your case gets all the way to this point. Our employment lawyers have extensive experience in litigating cases through trial and appeal and are always prepared to provide aggressive representation with your interests at the forefront.

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