Real Estate


As an increasingly competitive and growing industry, our lawyers effectively work through real estate issues with a particular emphasis on litigation of easement disputes. Keep in mind that real estate litigation deals with anything from office buildings and condominium developments to hotels and industrial properties. Real estate litigation can come up in a number of phases of these projects, such as acquisition, development, management, leasing. etc.

At our San Diego law firm, we can turn the complexity of real estate litigation into a positive for your case. When disputes come about from interrelated contracts of the various parties with interests in the property, it takes a professional to be able to navigate through the process. When it comes to real estate law, lawyers must have a comprehensive understanding of contractual relations, business goals, and tort concepts involved in the project. Mr. Shipley has several decades of experience in a number of litigation practice areas, including real estate. Alongside Brandon S. Gray, the two provide a legal approach that’s second to none.


With this practice area, in particular, clients can get lost in the weeds before they know it. Using an ethical, practical, and individualized approach, we create a unique strategy for each client. Rather than have your case itself as the top priority, we work to establish a genuine relationship. Not to mention, we communicate every step of the way to ensure that what our firm does reflects your specific goals.

Please note that we will do whatever possible to resolve your case without the need for litigation. You can expect us to try one on one attempts at settlement, mediation, and other tactics while working with the other party to come up with a resolution. Often times, however, litigation is the only option. With extensive experience in litigating and always being prepared to aggressively represent your interests, you can feel confident in our ability.

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