Construction Issues


There’s no question that there are a number of construction issues that can come up with commercial projects. Construction defect conflicts are often the most common. What does that mean exactly? Well, a construction defect can be rooted in faulty design, defective materials, or the actual work performed on the site. Regardless of what the construction pertains to, the law firm of Robert L. Shipley has the experience you need.

For the most part, law firms define construction defect as a deficiency in the construction of a commercial project resulting from a failure to design/construct in a reasonable manner and in accordance with a buyer’s reasonable expectations. That defect can have the potential to be physically dangerous, resulting in physical injury to people or property. However, many defects present no increased damage risk but still can cause harm to the property owner in terms of loss of use, a decrease in value, or extra expenses incurred while defects are corrected.


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Litigating claims such as these can be anything but easy to get through, especially without reliable legal assistance. The law firm of Robert L. Shipley focuses on private business litigation, as well as pre-litigation cases. Since being founded in 1994, our professionals have been recognized for outstanding representation for businesses weathering a variety of commercial disputes.

Construction issues as a whole can be incredibly challenging to understand. Our law firm’s mission is to help businesses of all sizes successfully work through what can be daunting legal storms. Don’t let your success be threatened. Instead, turn to an attorney who remains one of San Diego’s best.

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