5 Things To Never Do When Facing A Legal Dispute

It is a situation every business owner hopes to avoid but one that invariably will come your way — a legal battle. Business litigation is a frustrating and costly experience. No matter how well you dot your i’s and cross your t’s there is no way to 100 percent guarantee that you are safe from lawsuits. The bigger your company gets and the more products or services you sell, the greater the risk to your business.

If you are facing a legal dispute, there are a lot of things you should and shouldn’t do. As a local San Diego business litigation lawyer, we have seen countless businesses in our area go through this harrowing experience. In our time of service, we have taken note of what actions are ideal and which ones to avoid. Check out these five things you should never do when you are facing a legal dispute.

#1: Try To Handle The Situation On Your Own

In some cases, a business owner finds themselves in the throw of a legal dispute and decides to tackle the issue on their own. However, seeking out the legal counsel of a trained lawyer is a much wiser course of action. While you might be an outstanding and intelligent business owner, without the proper knowledge of local business laws, it can be hard to navigate these waters on your own.

If you find yourself facing a legal dispute, seek out the help of a reputable law firm. Having a lawyer on your side will give you a much better chance at success. While there are no guarantees in business litigation, an attorney can work with you to build the best case possible.


#2: Throw In The Towel

Another mistake to never make is to assume you have lost the battle before it begins. Don’t simply throw the towel in at the first sign of legal issues. Remember, what you are facing is nothing new. Companies in our area have faced countless lawsuits over the years and, in many cases, things were resolved outside of the court of law.

Rather than giving up right away, start strategizing and determining what actions you can take. The scenario might not be ideal, but that doesn’t mean all hope has been lost. Your company can stand a chance at surviving this storm if you take control of the ship and steer it the right way. Talk to your attorney about what actions you can be taking to help protect your company and your assets.

#3: Allow Yourself To Be Bullied

When it comes to legal disputes, things can get ugly quick. Depending on the type of battle you are facing, you might encounter the strong arm of other lawyers or businesses. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied in these scenarios. It is important for you to stand your ground and to do what is best for your business.

If you find that you are being backed into a corner or that you are pressured to sign something you don’t understand, take a step back and talk to your lawyer. Never make a snap decision during a legal battle. Be sure you always understand any contracts you sign before doing so. Nothing is worse than losing out because you were strong-armed into something you didn’t understand.

#4: Work With A Non-Communicative Lawyer

During business litigation, communication with your lawyer will be key. If you are working with a law firm that does not pick up the phone or respond to emails, you need to seek out new help. It is critical that your lawyer is easy to reach and communicates with you throughout the entire process. Being left in the dark will lead to further anxiety for you and a lack of knowledge for your business.

Choose a lawyer who is firmly committed to clear communication. No matter what the outcome of your case is, you should never feel like you were left wondering at any stage of the process. You are paying for your lawyer’s services, so you should be treated as a priority, not an afterthought.

#5: Move Forward Without A Plan For Future Protection

Once your legal dispute is settled, it is easy to fall back into complacency. With the storm now behind you, your worries might ease. Make sure that before you return to business as usual, you have put together a plan for the future protection of your company. Now is a great time to sit down with your lawyer and take a look at the areas your company might be at risk. From employment laws to ADA compliance, cover every single detail to ensure that you don’t wind up right back to where you started.


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