Class Action Defense


Our San Diego lawyers emphasize the importance of clients knowing and understanding their rights. That’s why we aggressively defend and help businesses resolve both consumer and employment class action and representative claims. The thought of a class action lawsuit can be intimidating for businesses and for good reason. After all, they pose major risks to companies in all industries. Keep in mind that class action litigation can impact the financial realm of a business, as well as its operations and reputation in the industry.

So how do we exactly handle class action defense? Our attorneys first work to identify and evaluate any potential business and legal consequences as a way to develop an effective strategy. Whether it’s consumer fraud, false advertising, privacy, product liability, and data security claims, we’ve been there and done that in terms of class action defense. Rest assured that if a lawsuit is threatened or filed, our skilled lawyers will use their decades of experience to come up with an ideal defense strategy. Keep in mind that we use a personal approach with our cases, meaning no two cases will be treated as similar.


The Approach of Our Class Action Defense Team

When you first come to us for counsel, we will listen to and understand what motivates you for taking the step of legal representation. We then act, to protect clients when they are threatened, and to assist clients when they are challenged. Throughout the process, we communicate every step of the way to ensure that our firm does what is necessary to reflect our client’s goals. We do whatever we can to establish a solid relationship with clients, which also means returning every phone call and answering every email.

Don’t let a class action case ruin your life or business. Instead, put your trust in the hands of Robert L. Shipley, APLC. Call us today to get started.