Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets


There’s no doubt that you worked hard to get where you are with intellectual property and trade secrets. IP is likely your company’s most valuable asset, meaning the ability to defend it against charges of infringement could determine whether your company survives. At Robert L. Shipley, APLC, we are aggressive in our tactics so that others don’t steal what brought you to the top. As intellectual property defense professionals, it’s our duty to help businesses define and protect trade secrets/intellectual property.

Mr. Shipley believes that every lawsuit charging infringement should be taken very seriously and defended to the best of our ability. A lot of clients come to us with the misconception that common sense alone is sufficient to fund a solid defense. The reality, however, is that it takes a skilled, experienced intellectual property defense attorney to have success in these types of cases.


During his more than three decades representing businesses throughout the state, our San Diego lawyer has successfully dealt with patent and trademark cases. With the business world we currently live in, keep in mind that infringement of your intellectual property/trade secrets can occur within seconds. As with every other case we handle, our law firm takes intellectual property cases very seriously. We take pride in offering a thorough, honest, and unbiased analysis of your case or defense once we understand what you wish to achieve.

In our approach, we use litigation as a last resort. We do whatever we can to contact the other side and resolve the matter before litigation is initiated. Should mediation not be the solution, our experienced lawyers will fight for you, your business, and your intellectual property. Rest assured that we will be prepared to aggressively represent your interests should the case reach the litigation phase.