Corporate Governance


Have you ever heard of corporate governance? If not, think of it as the system of rules, practices, and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. It involves balancing the interests of a company’s stakeholders that may include shareholders, customers, management, suppliers, and community.

Keep in mind that sub-par corporate governance can wreak havoc on a company’s reliability, integrity, or obligation to shareholders. On the other hand, good corporate governance creates a much more transparent set of rules and controls in which directors, shareholders, and officers have aligned incentives. Undoubtedly, most companies strive to have the highest level possible of corporate governance. But in order to be at that level, it’s critical for a company to demonstrate sound corporate citizenship through ethical behavior, environmental awareness, and solid corporate governance practices.

At our business litigation firm, we routinely work to resolve and litigate cases related to corporate governance. They may involve shareholder disputes (corporate dissolution), counseling, as well as defending corporate officers and directors.


Business Litigation and Corporate Governance

The law office of Robert L. Shipley understands the importance of good corporate governance. Since our firm was founded in 1994, we’ve successfully litigated a number of cases where corporate governance is involved. When you come to us where litigation is a possibility, we want to be sure that you understand the following approach:

  • Case evaluation – At this point, we consider the strengths and weaknesses of your position, as well as the expense of pursuing a claim.
  • Settlement attempt – We will do whatever possible to resolve a matter with the other side before initiating litigation.
  • Mediation – A “go-between” is used at this stage to settle the dispute.
  • Arbitration/litigation – If your case happens to get to this stage, you can feel comfortable knowing we have years of experience under our belt.

Corporate governance is just one of our primary business litigation practice areas. Contact us today to get started.