1. Progressive Discipline Policies Can Undermine At-Will Employment

    Barnes and Noble was recently handed a defeat by the California Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. The employer terminated a manager working at one of its stores relying on the presumption of at-will employment in California. The employee sued Barnes and Noble for wrongful termination alleging …Read More

  2. Website Accessibility and the ADA

    In a relatively new approach to ADA compliance lawsuits, plaintiffs have begun to challenge accessibility features of commercial websites.  Allegations of this new type of lawsuit often center on the lack of adequate accessibility for vision impaired disabled users of websites. A prime example of t…Read More

  3. Employers May be Smart to Quit Rounding Time Punches

    It’s my experience that time punch rounding is a common practice for California employers. The rounding practice I see most often rounds time punches to the nearest tenth of an hour (the nearest six minutes). Although California expressly allows employers to round time punches, there are serious r…Read More