1. Understanding Wrongful Termination And Avoiding Lawsuits

    When it comes to hiring and firing, there are a lot of grey areas that can lead to a number of issues for your business. It is critical that you properly understand the local and federal laws that regulate hiring and firing. One common employment lawsuit that we see here in California is a wrongful …Read More

  2. Why Your Business Needs An Employee Handbook

    One of the very first things any established business should do is to draft a legally-binding employee handbook, also known as an employee manual. For many business owners, this crucial step is skipped over. In some cases, a company deems themselves too small to worry about this document, putting it…Read More

  3. Understanding The Risks Of Advertising

    When it comes to running a successful business, there are a myriad of factors that come into play. A crucial component of beating out your competition is investing in the right kind of advertising. From actual advertisements to your products’ labeling, how you portray your company and brand is a v…Read More